Tax assessment and litigation

The growing international collaboration between the various countries in the fight against tax evasion has significantly affected tax assessments, which have become increasingly incisive and increasingly focused on international tax issues. Among these, the adjustments of transfer pricing, disputes on foreign investment or cross-border transactions are increasingly recurrent. Furthermore, the complication and extreme fluidity of our tax system, combined with excessive formalism certainly favor the emergence of tax litigation.
In order to be able to deal more and more adequately with the disputes of the financial offices, the Firm makes use of professionals who combine the technical skills of national and international taxation with the necessary sensitivity in managing relations with the public administration.
The Firm’s professionals follow clients in their relations with the Financial Administration, both during access and inspections, and during tax audits, preparing, if necessary, the formulation of interpellations, international rulings or, if necessary, amicable settlement procedures, using the tools that our tax system makes available to us.
The Firm also boasts a consolidated and recognized experience in assisting and representing Clients in tax matters at all levels of judgment, including tax transactions in insolvency proceedings.

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