Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is a reporting tool that provides information on business ethics and the policies adopted by the company, with reference to the environment and its organization to limit environmental risks. The Sustainability Report is prepared following a complex risk analysis process within the company and is a “non-financial statement” which aims to inform all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, lenders, etc. .) of the corporate mission and the economic, environmental and social results generated by the company in carrying out its business. It was introduced into our legal system with the Legislative Decree n. 254 of 30 December 2016 in implementation of Community Directive 95/2014 / EU and is mandatory for companies listed on regulated markets, banks, insurance companies and large groups, if they exceed certain parameters. The greatest advantages for companies in adopting a sustainability report can be summarized in the creation of a Green Reputation of the brand, in easier access to the credit market and in general, in an easier finding of financial resources. Having at heart the satisfaction of its customers but also the issues of environmental sustainability, our studio is at the forefront by providing companies with experience, professionalism and all the tools necessary for drafting the Sustainability Report.

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