Accounting, revision and work.

Our renowed professionals are experts who take care and plan tax aspects, accounting and work. We also offer incentive schemes to the employees of the enterprises that cater to us in order to optimise the effects when it comes to tax. Over the years, our professionals became esperts who perfectly know all the tax rules and the new accounting policies IAS/IFRS, that are the standard accounting rules all around the world.

Our experienced professionals can handle any  tax consulting and assistence of different branches, consolidated financial statements and extraordinary operations such as divisions, mergers and joint-venture operations at both national and international level.

We are able to assist our clients in the national and international tax planning, in the establishment and administration of trusts and family’s foundations.

Today our focus is on the optimisation of the online platform and the technological innovations at our disposal, the online interaction with our clients and the software programmes that can interact with our office from other places. All this is to improve the economies of scale in the developpment of services and to make better plans thanks to shared informations.

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