Accounting, Audit and Work

Studio SipalaRaiti & Partners makes use of established professionals, experts in the care and planning of tax, accounting and labor aspects where incentive systems are proposed for the employees of our client companies, in order to optimize their effects in tax terms. Over the years, our professionals have gained in-depth knowledge of tax rules and the new IAS / IRFS accounting standards, which are the standard of global accounting rules.

Our professionals can now boast a consolidated experience in consulting and assistance in branch taxation, consolidated financial statements, extraordinary transactions, such as demergers, mergers, as well as in both national and international joint-venture operations.

The firm is able to assist its clients in national and international tax planning, in the establishment and administration of family trusts and foundations.

The organization of the studio today focuses on optimizing the service platform and integrated technological innovation, through telematic interaction with its customers, also providing software programs that interact remotely with the studio. All this, in order to favor economies of scale in the development of services and allow better planning through the sharing of information.

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