Merger & Acquisition

Today, Merger and Acquistion (M&A) operations represent an extraordinary financial operation of an enterprise that increases the value and ensure the growth of the enterprise itslef, modifying the ownership structure and making the acquisition of assets easier.

During the deal process there may be some difficulties that can not be ignored but our qualified advisors can draw up due diligence reports, connected to the relations of administrative bodies and M&A projects.

Together with some professionals, we support enterprises and investors all over Europe in the creation of extraordinary tax operations concerning both  capital at risk and the issuing of societies’ bond. We support you in :

  • the acquisition and/or divestiture of enterprises ;
  • the merger, transfer and real estate and corporate spin-off operations ;
  • the acquisition of strategic assets ;
  • the research of investors ;
  • the rearrangement, reorganisation and reconstraction of societies ;
  • the research for a facilitated finance ;
  • the elaboration of plans for corporate takeover ;
  • the organisation of the enterprise governance ;
  • the elaboration of strategic plans and feasibility studies in order to obtain tax credit.

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