Merger & Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) operations today represent corporate extraordinary finance operations, capable of creating value and ensuring the growth of the company by modifying the ownership structure or facilitating the acquisition of assets.

In the deal process there are not negligible complexities, delegated to the analyzes of qualified advisors who prepare due diligence reports, in harmony with the reports of the administrative bodies and the M&A projects.

In the European scenario, the firm with a team of professionals is able to assist companies and investors in carrying out extraordinary finance transactions that affect both venture capital and the issuance of company bonds, assisting them:

  • In the acquisition and / or sale of companies;
  • In the operations of real estate and corporate mergers, demergers and spin-offs;
  • In the acquisitions of strategic assets;
  • In the search for investors;
  • In the reorganization, reorganization and corporate restructuring;
  • In the search for subsidized finance;
  • In supporting the development of business acquisition plans;
  • In the organization of corporate governance;
  • In strategic plans and in the preparation of feasibility studies for obtaining tax credits

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