Organizational Model 231

The management of the risk of crime or the administrative responsibility of the company is a preventive activity and must be implemented through the 231 Organizational Model, which identifies those company areas in which managers and / or employees could choose to act in the interest of or to the benefit of the company, at the same time damaging a series of widespread and legally relevant interests (for example the health of workers, the interests and assets of the Public Administration, the privacy of employees or third parties, the environment, human rights, tax crimes, corruption cases, etc.). The risk does not therefore depend on the actual will to commit offenses, but on the possible conflict that could arise between the economic interests of the company and the other interests that may be harmed by the commission of the offenses provided for by Legislative Decree 231 / 2001. Our firm intervenes through a risk assessment assessment and the creation of an organizational model that establishes the set of protocols adopted by the company, which regulate and define the corporate structure and the management of its sensitive processes. The Organizational Model 231, if correctly applied, reduces the risk of the commission of criminal offenses by the administrative bodies and employees of the company. The organizational model created by our studio provides for the tailor-made construction of: 1) a company Code of Ethics; 2) a disciplinary system; 3) The SB – Supervisory Body; 4) a set of specific procedures for sensitive areas where a risk of crime is identified.

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