Trust and Wealth Planning

The passage of a business from one generation to another is important for both the family and the business itslef and a well-structured programme facilitate the management of a crisis among the family members.
Our professionals, experts in any aspect of the transfer of ownership, listen carefully to the entrepeneur’s requirements for every family member and which role they have to play in the enterprise and, according to this, they find the best solution.

This transfer of ownership is quite articulated and it is important to considerate how active the next generation wants to be in the management of the property, they’re personal abilities and attitude, preserving the serenity among the heirs.

One of the best solutions can be a trust as there is the necessity to protect minors, disabled etc. In fact, condiering all the caractheristics of property itslef, it is importnat to consider all the strenghts and the weaknesses, what the law requires and tax impacts.

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