Trust e Wealth Planning

The generational change in the company is a process that affects both the family and the company and assumes vital importance for its business continuity, where structured planning carried out in time facilitates the process of settling the crisis between family members. The study through a team of professionals experienced in asset and tax planning of assets, first of all proceeds to attentively and in-depth listening to the needs of the entrepreneur regarding individual family members and the clear description of the roles covered in the company and then for the choice of the solution to be implemented. The firm elaborates a planning of the generational passage, through an articulated path that must evaluate the uniqueness of the values ​​to be transferred, in the light of the presence of heirs, considering the will of future generations to have an active role in the management of the heritage, the personal capacity and inclinations of individuals and the importance of preserving serenity or conflict between heirs. Finally, the most suitable instrument is chosen to transmit the family and business assets which can also be the use of a trust when interests to be protected are configured (minors, disabled people, etc.). The method adopted is based on photography and the study of the characteristics of the heritage and takes the form of evaluating the various possible solutions considering the individual strengths and weaknesses, legal requirements and tax impacts.

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