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The SipalaRaiti&Partners office was created in 2017 by two professional who have been working in the accounting and tax field since 1995. Thanks to the well-established specialisation of the two founders Emanuele Sipala and Catia Raiti, we can offer to our clients a complete assistence for what it concerns the resolution of tax and corporate issues both at national and internaztional level.

Over the years, Emanuele Sipala took care of many important operations for the internationalisation of companies  and tax litigations. Catia Raiti took care of very important M&A corporate operations and carried out feasibility studies in order to obtain facilitaded financing and tax credits for productive investments.

We want to stand out for our quality, efficiency and concreteness becoming a reference-point for our clients when it comes to accounting and tax.

We are proud of our international vocation thanks to many offices located in Italy and in other countries and the cooperation between them.

Today our office takes care of very important trade and industrial companies and innovative start-up, offering to our clients accounting and tax services, job and internationalisation. Our support goes from the day-to-day-management of audit and management control, to estraordinary management of operations such as mergers, divisions, feasibility studies in order to obtain R&S tax credits, industry and training 4.0, etc.

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